Liter of Light USA Partners With NJ High School to Produce Solar Lights

Posted on September 08, 2015 by Liter of Light USA Team

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During a two-week unit, West Orange High School students in Sustainable Engineering and Engineering and Design Solutions classes will have the opportunity to build circuit boards for Liter of Light's solar bottle night lights. During the unit, the students will also learn about subjects such as solar energy solutions and the social, economic and historical background of alternative energy.

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According to Jeffrey Rutzky, the Superindendent of Schools, they are proud to offer this opportunity for the students to explore and develop.  “This is exactly what we want kids to be exposed to," he said. "We want students to be thinking out of the box and to be thinking about being the next person to invent something that changes the world. So it’s important that students realize the powerful impact that this could have, not only on the United States but around the world.”

All night lights assembled by West Orange students will be sent to communities suffering from energy poverty, including those devastated by natural disasters such as Nepal.  An exact location will be decided upon later this year.  In the meantime, Liter of Light's Eduardo Pena reminds us that there is no shortage of communities without light .  The organization as a whole has donated more than 350,000 lights to more than 15 countries and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees is using the lights in some of its camps.

For more information about the West Orange School District project, click HERE.  If you'd like to help Liter of Light bring light to communities without electricity, click the button to #GiveLight.


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