11665758_802883693140572_58271331069226588_nAlthough the earthquake that rocked Nepal is no longer making  headlines, the country still needs our help.  Massive financial support is needed to rebuild the impoverished country from the devastating earthquake that claimed more than 8,000  11066073_803567683072173_8836202557247840401_nlives and flattened countless buildings and homes.   

More than 200,000 people have lost their homes and are currently living out in the open or under tents with little to no  access to basic necessities including light.  Once the sun sets,  entire communities are forced into complete darkness.   Please help us in our mission to make the streets of Nepal  safe again

Your donation will allow the Liter of Light organization to build and install 8,000 11698732_803567659738842_2205534842934201325_nsustainable lighting systems throughout the country, providing much-needed light for individual homes and entire communities.  

Please click here and #GiveLight and help us change lives.