Aspen is the 3rd U.S. City to Run on 100% Renewable Energy

Posted on September 25, 2015 by Liter of Light USA Team

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Earlier this month, Aspen, Colorado joined Burlington, Vermont and Greensburg, Kansas as the third U.S. city to entirely shift to energy that is generated from natural resources - wind power, solar power and geothermal heat.


This decade-plus city goal was finally achieved when the city signed a contract with wholesale electric energy provider Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska.

They had been using 75-80% renewable energy beforehand, but they were able to eliminate coal in favor of adding to its wind power to reach its 100% goal.

“We’ve demonstrated that it is possible and that a small, progressive community can work together to be a pathway for others. Realistically, we hope we can inspire others to achieve these higher goals,” city Utilities and Environmental Initiatives Director David Hornbacher said.

Liter of Light USA salutes Aspen for making its decade-long goal a reality, and for helping us all realize that 100% reliance on renewable resources is attainable.

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